How to get the cleanest, brightest whites you’ve ever seen.

I don’t know what the deal is with my laundry lately, but my whites are looking dingy and gray. I don’t know if it’s our new energy efficient washer, or that there are no longer phosphates in my detergent (I miss phosphates!) or if it’s because I have started buying cheap laundry soap, but something is wrong. I see Kelly D. walking around in a supposed-to-be-white undershirt and it looks like prison-issue gray.

Recently, I posted this to facebook:
Dear world, My whites are not white. HELP!”
I got several different responses and I tried nearly all of them. Except the one that told me it was time to go shopping. That one was funny, but I have a few white shirts that I really love and then there’s also that fact that I don’t have any money! ha ha ha.
I tried bleach. I tried Mrs. Stewart’s blueing. I tried Biz. I tried freezing the clothes. Washing in cold. Washing in hot.
Nothing helped.
Then, a friend sent me a link to something she found on Pinterest. It was a concoction of all sorts of things, but as a last ditch effort, I gave it a try.
Boy, howdy.
My whites are blindingly, brilliantly white. I’m not kidding either. The difference with one treatment was amazing, and after two times, they look almost new.

Here is the magic potion:

Soak your white in this mixture for at least an hour (I did it for three)
1 C. bleach
1 C. laundry detergent
1 C. granulated dishwasher soap
1 C. Borax
After soaking, wash and dry as normal.

I don’t think it necessary to do this every time you wash whites, but I will be doing it anytime I see a need.

amyWednesday May 09, 2012 - 10:01 pm

You know…this has come at a most inopportune time. Perhaps if I read blogs more frequently, it would have been in the nick of time because a while back,I filled up my tub with super hot water and dumped about two gallons of bleach in there along with every SINGLE white towel in my house, all of our socks and dishtowels, letting them soak for 48 hours (Todd said I’d ruin them) because like you, I was freakin’ sick of looking like ghetto girl with my “white” towels hanging in my bathroom. i bought the bloody things so they would bleach out all yuckiness. It didn’t work. So, I ripped them all in half to visually discriminate them as “rags”, and went and bought all new towels. It sort of made me sick and so consumer-american but I have a right to white towels don’t I? And I have a right for my husband to wear white wife-beaters! here I am losing the self-justification battle. But now at least I know how to avoid it next time.

ChristyFriday March 30, 2012 - 7:35 am

I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for doing all the experimentation for us. :) You are quite the quester over there. Best way to whiten the whites quest, Best Blueberry Muffin quest. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks for sharing!

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