Hiking with the boys


The boys and I made plans to go on a hike during spring break. We were all chatting about it one day in the car when the older two expressed concern that Beck would “wimp out”. Beck insisted this wouldn’t be the case so I said, “Listen guys, let’s just give him a shot and if he can’t keep up then we can go on a bigger hike later.”. From the back seat I hear his little voice, “Why do I have to get a shot??!!??”.

We did the hike on a Thursday and it was beautiful. Sunny 70’s, blue skies. Each of us wore a backpack containing a water bottle and our lunch. I had to talk The Fish out of taking a slew of superfluous supplies like an emergency blanket, flashlight, and an official army survival guide. Too much bulk and weight. Am I right?

We took Nelly with us as well, and she was in heaven. The Fish had her leash and she ran ahead dragging him behind, setting a brisk pace.


We hiked five miles and I was very proud of my little Becker boy. He kept up fairly well and was chatty as ever. He even occasionally grabbed hold of my hand as we walked, which is probably the sweetest thing I can think of. The trail had switchbacks all the way up the mountain so every so often Beck and I would lose sight of the other two boys and Nelly. When we rounded the next corner, they would be standing there waiting for us. Fish said she wouldn’t walk ahead. She would stop, cock her head, and wait for us. How can you not love a dog like this?


On our way back, Beck did start to complain about his tired legs. I told him that we had to be tough so the brothers will want him to come on all our fun hikes this summer. I said, “This is the part where your brain tells your body who’s the boss.” I told him to focus on the good things about the hike and keep the complaints quiet upstairs in his head.
He didn’t say much for the next few minutes so I was thinking my little speech was working. Until he said, “So if my head is the upstairs, then my feet are the downstairs. What is my belly?”

grandmalizzyMonday May 14, 2012 - 6:44 pm

So great, for you all, memories you and your boys will always treasure.

KimbaThursday April 12, 2012 - 7:40 pm

man that beck is funny! the shot comment killed me! poor kid, he probably for sure didn’t want to go on that hike if he also had to have a shot! :)

ps, you’re an awesome mom. we took wy on a tiny hike last year in cali and he loved it – i need to be more outdoorsy!

ElaineThursday April 12, 2012 - 6:28 pm

I love hiking! Man that Becker boy is impressive. 5 miles is a long way for little legs!

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