Biking, border collies, and my boy.

I have a border collie named Nelly. Border collies are known for an abundance of energy and my girl is no exception. She lives to go on walks, run along-side my bike or play fetch with a frisbee. Sometimes I take her to the park to play. She somehow knows we are headed there even if I don’t say the F-word (frisbee!) As soon as she jumps out of the car she’s running.
It is glorious to watch. She opens up and just runs, tongue flapping, ears back, full gallop. She looks beyond happy.

A few months ago we headed to Arizona for the weekend and I took my bike. I was so looking forward to riding after such a long, cold winter. The first morning we were there I awoke early and headed out to explore the desert roads. My ride took me on a road the locals call “the road to nowhere” because its flat, straight and goes on forever. I turned up the volume on my iPod and opened up my speed. It felt amazing. I can’t quite describe the thrill, but I remember thinking, I feel like a border collie.


I’m always telling my family about the fun rides I go on, and my oldest boy Josh is the one who seems most interested in sharing this with me so I signed the two of us up to participate in a ride called the Salt Lake Century. It’s a good ride for a first timer since the route is flat and there were options to ride shorter distances than the hundred miles. We planned on doing 40.

We spent time together in the weeks leading up to ride day training. We rode longer and longer distances during which we chatted and laughed and just enjoyed the together time. I really loved it. I truly enjoy that kid…his personality and hearing about his life and thoughts.



Race day was this past Saturday. We awoke early to a rainy, cold day, but we decided we are waterproof and we would man up and do it anyway. It rained the entire time. We were freezing. Our faces, fingers and toes numb. But Josh handled both the distance and the elements like a hero. We actually kept a good pace the whole time. I was beyond proud of him.


As other riders would pass, they would say encouraging things to him or comment about how well he was doing. They would tell me how great my boy was keeping pace. I hope that made him feel good. I hope he knows how true it was.
At one point during he ride he said, “Hey Mom, sorry about all the times we fight. Sorry I argue so much.” I interpreted that as Hey Mom, you’re not as bad as I sometimes make you out to be.
Mother/son time= good.
He also told me he wants to quit blowing his money on donuts and save up to buy a road bike. I told him this is good thinking. He trained on his mountain bike but I rented a road bike for him on race day. He felt the difference. He was fast! He loved the speed, and the feeling of flying down the road.
Being like a border collie is where it’s at.


ElaineMonday June 10, 2013 - 12:18 pm

This is the sweetest post! I’m glad you both finished despite the weather. I love the ways you are a mom to each of your boys, you are so good at finding a way to be close to them individually.

Kaylynn PosellWednesday May 29, 2013 - 6:41 pm

That is something that you will both remember fondly!

ChristyWednesday May 22, 2013 - 7:29 am

Love this! What a great experience. It is always great to share your passion with your kids and see what they do with it. And it is even better when they enjoy it enough they want to explore it more too.

JennieTuesday May 21, 2013 - 4:49 pm

What a great experience for the two of you. I loved his comments to you. What a momma payday!

I know what you mean about cold. We ran a 1/2 marathon in the rain. When we were done, it was freezing!

Congrats on the race. So fun!

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